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The poem Life by Henry Van Dyke talks about how people stress on trivial things, thereby refusing to live their lives. One must take life as it approaches and not worry about the next moment as it is filled with uncertainty. When one frets about the future, they do not realise that they are losing out on the precious gift called present. Life does not present one with only the good opportunities, rather it is a combination of both good and bad. When one is presented with bad situations, one has to reminiscence that the road's last turn is going to be the best. The worst only prepares one for the miracles that life has to offer. One should understand that there is no use crying over the past, rather one should move on with a steady heart and determination. One has very high dreams growing up, but they fade away due to fear and insecurity in adulthood. But time and age should not hinder one's growth and passion.