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Henry Van Dyke was born on November \(10\), \(1852\), in pennsylvania, USA. He is a famous novelist, poet, short story writer, and essayist in the early decades of the \(20th\) century. His father also bore the same name and was a clergyman. Van Dyke also went on to become a clergyman later on in his life.
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Henry Van Dyke*
He attended  Poly Prep Country Day School, and graduated from Princeton University with a degree in English and theology. He attended the theological seminary and became a Presbyterian minister. He worked as an English Professor in Princeton University from \(1899\) to \(1923\). He also worked for a brief period as an American lecturer at the University of Paris. He was also minister in Netherlands and Luxembourg.
Dyke's writing career started off from his attachment to special holidays like the Christmas and Easter. He wrote holiday stories. His first writings were read in the sermons he delivered. They were stories of Christ and Saints such as "The Other Wise Men", "The First Christmas Tree". When the World War broke out, Europe was in a frenzy as Americans around the continent starting running around and taking refuge in Holland. Dyke worked as a true ambassador although he only had little experience, as he advocated for the rights of American living abroad. He detailed his experience of being a diplomat in his book named Pro Patria.
Dyke was also friends with Hellen Keller. She was found quoting that he was the kind of a person who would go to any extent to make his friend feel comfortable. Dyke is best known for his poem 'Time', and especially for his words:
Time is
Too slow for those who Wait,
Too swift for those who Fear,
Too long for those who Grieve,
Too short for those who Rejoice,
But for those who Love,
Time is not
His famous works include:
  • Antwerp Road
  • The Blue Flower
  • The Hearing Ear
  • A City of Refuge
  • The Mansion, Christmas story
  • The Sad Shepherd, Christmas story
  • The Boy of Nazareth Dreams