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The poem 'The Ant and the Cricket' is based on Aesop's fable. Like all other Aesop's Fables, the poem carries a strong theme and moral message. The ant represents people who are generally hard-working and does not while away time when everything goes right. Most people think in a short term perspective and do not save up for the future. The cricket represents this group as it only sings and dances when it is summer and has no thoughts about the future. There is a saying that one should make hay when the sun shines. When there is an apt opportunity, one has to make use of it because it might not show up again. One cannot expect their friends to make up and help them for the missed opportunities. That is similar to taking advantage of one's loved ones. The story teaches that one must never take things for granted and should always save for the future instead of living a lethargic life.