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City Mouse and Country Mouse exchange visits
A wealthy city mouse once came
To view his country cousin's clutter,
He stayed for lunch but all they ate
Were sandwiches of peanut butter.

You call that lunch? the rich mouse said,
Call this a house? He laughed with glee,
Come into town tonight, he said,
Step up a notch and visit me!

So in they went and to a house
With walls of stone and gardens green,
And soon were eating steaks and chops
And every kind of haute cuisine.
This is the life! said Country Mouse,
I've been a bumpkin long enough!
THEN suddenly four dogs burst in
With masters shouting, loud and gruff.

LOOK OUT! the city cousin screamed
And dove into a bag of coal,
The country mouse leaped to the floor
And ran like lightning down a hole,

And never stopped until he came
Back to his peaceful country door.
Enough! he said, of city life,
It's great--but not worth dying for.
About the Poem:
The poem 'City Mouse and Country Mouse exchange visits' is a fable that tells a moral story. It revolves around a city mouse that boasts of having a luxurious life and complains of the little things in its cousin's house. The cousin lives a simple life in the countryside. The city mouse takes the cousin to its house and shows off, but it is seen that it lives a frightening life with dogs coming in with their masters. The poem brings out the fact no matter how rich a person is; it is the mental peace that matters the most. Having a stress free and happy life is more important, as there is no purpose in having a stressed mind with a lot of money. If one does not have time and space to enjoy what they have, then there is no use of luxuries.