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The poem 'The Grumble Family' by L.M Montgomery talks about the concept of being grateful for what one has. We often see people complaining and grumbling about not possessing things that other people have. But if we look at all the things that we have, which some people are still dreaming of, we might be able to embrace gratitude towards life. People who have grumbled throughout their life will find it difficult to suddenly change their ways, as it has become a habit. It goes to the extent of grumbling when things are great, that they do not have anything to worry about. But it is even more dangerous as this habit can be passed on to other people who are grateful and make them grumblers. Therefore one must always stay away from negativity. It is important to stay positive when times are tough and to face life with a smile on the face, as everything is temporary. One must understand that no matter what the difficulty is, that too shall pass. The poet beautifully brings out this theme by subtly narrating a story of a family that lives in a city called 'never-satisfied'.