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Synecdoche  is a figure of speech in which a part is made to represent the whole or vice versa.
Its name 'Syn' with 'ekdoche' - Succession, means 'The understanding of one thing by another'. In this figure of speech, there is a substitution
  • of a part for the whole,
  •  of an abstract noun by a concrete noun or vice versa
  • of an individual for a class or vice versa,
  • or the name of a material of which a thing is made for the name of the thing itself.
  • Offer your hand in marriage - Here, hand, a part represents the whole person who is getting married.
  • There is a mixture of the tiger and ape in his character - Tiger and ape are concrete nouns to represent valour and mischief, which are abstract nouns.
  • Kalidasa is the Shakespeare of India - Shakespeare is an individual but is used to represent the entire class of writers.
  • He gave the beggar a few coppers - Copper is the material but is used to represent the coins that it is made of.
Synecdoche in the poem 'The House on Elm Street':
Inside it has a ton of Space - The ton of space represents the grandeur of the house and not just the inside of the house. The poet emphasises that the entire house seems big.