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'The Secret of the Machines' by Rudyard Kipling revolves around the concept of machines being personified to talk about their experience in their human world. They describe the process of making the machine from the first step. They say that they were extracted from ores and mines, later being subjected to furnaces. They were cut and hammered to get a proper shape. In order for a machine to run, all it requires is oil, water or coal. They can serve twenty-four hours a day if the requirements are met. There are machines to replace or make the jobs humans do, such as read, write, count, etc. The machines can also perform tasks that are incapable by humans, such as lifting heavy objects. Machines can fly, dive, run in the form of vehicles. But they do not possess the capacity to emote like humans. They can only obey commands and can be dangerous if handled improperly. They give credit to human beings saying that they are products of the human mind, no matter how powerful they are.