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Gone are the days, where women in India remained indoors unless permitted to go out with an escort. Conditions today have changed, thanks to all those women who have fought for their freedom and set a very good example for others. The real power of women though realised earlier, is currently being projected to the world by the advancement of technology and media.
Women occupy almost all the major positions in society. Currently, women’s accomplishments are tremendous in many fields. One such achievement is the All-women Indian Navy crew who circumnavigated the world for 254 days all alone, in a sailboat called INSV Tarini. 
Women were not supposed to come out of their houses during ancient days. If they need to go anywhere, they must travel with their parents or guardians. Women did not have the freedom to do anything they wanted. They were not permitted to pursue education. They were grown-up to do household chores, take care of their husbands, and give birth to children.
The lesson "Empowered Woman Navigating the World" portrays that women in India who stayed indoors were gone. The days when women were sent out with a guardian were gone. Everything has changed because women fought for their liberation and set a good example for other women. Even though women were treated as slaves, some attempted to break free by pursuing education during ancient times. Though women's real power and victories were recognised earlier, there was no advanced technology to showcase their talents. Their skills were later projected globally as technology and media advanced. Technology and media bring to light the excellent deeds of women all around India.
After the help of technological advancements, people came to know that women occupied most of the positions in society. For instance, nowadays, women are playing their roles as teachers, doctors, astronauts, scientists, engineers, etc. Their accomplishments were in every field. One of the most prominent examples and achievements of woman empowerment was the "All-women Indian Navy crew". The women of the Indian Navy crew travelled around the world alone on a sailboat called INSV Tarini for 254 days.
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Women as teacher, scientist, doctor and astronaut
Meanings of the difficult words:
IndoorInto or inside a building
PermitOfficially allow someone to do something
EscortTo go with a person or vehicle, especially to make sure that he, she, or it leaves or arrives safely
Accomplishment Something that has been achieved successfully
Tremendous Very great in amount or level, or extremely good
Circumnavigate Sail or travel all the way around
Crew A group of people who work on and operate a ship, or aircraft
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