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The lesson, "Tech Bloomers," brings out the uses and advantages of technology. Technology has simplified our lives by allowing us to complete many manual tasks in minutes rather than hours. In addition to technology highlights, this lesson focuses on how technology helps the disabled, such as Alisha and David, stand out from the crowd.
Technology has made a big difference in the lives of the disabled. Travelling, chatting, learning, carrying on business and comfortable living are increasingly possible for people with different abilities. They can overcome access, acceptance, and inclusion challenges. We must take advantage of this technology, not only for accessibility but also for inclusion. ' Technology benefits the differently-abled because it has significantly enhanced their lives, particularly in mobility, communication, and entertainment.

Thanks to technological advancements, people with disabilities have been able to do things they couldn't do before, such as carry on with their daily activities or even attend school or university. Consider the examples of David and Alisha, who were disabled people but achieved things in their lives through technology. Alisha isn't able to type as quickly as she expects. She can now say the words that appear on her screen after being exposed to a piece of technology called Dragon Dictate. Thanks to the advent of technology, David and others could converse and be self-independent.