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     I am using a piece of technology called Dragon Dictate. I speak, and the words appear on my screen and then I can print them out. It’s made a huge difference to me. It’s made me achieve things I only dreamt of.


     I used to have a teacher, she’s passed away now and one day she said to me. ‘You’re going to do your Maths GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education).’ I said, ‘No I’m not. Don’t be silly.’ I didn’t think I could do anything like that. Studying was so difficult because I had to rely on someone to type everything into a computer for me.


     But that’s changed now. I can do it myself with my voice.

Alisha used Dragon Dictate, a piece of technology, to assist her type quickly. Dragon Dictate is a speech recognition application developed by Dragon Systems for Microsoft Windows. With Dragon Dictate, you can speak directly into Word documents, web pages, Outlook, Word, and practically any other application. The words will appear exactly where you were about to start typing them. So, rather than typing, conversing with a microphone would be beneficial. As a result, when Alisha says words, they appear on the screen, and she could take a printout of those later. All these were possible with the help of this Dragon Dictate. As a result, Alisha believes Dragon Dictate has made a significant difference in her life and enabled her to attain goals she had hoped for.
Alisha also recalls a memory of a teacher who died before Alisha finished her GCSE Maths. GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education, and it signifies the completion of higher secondary education in the United Kingdom. Alisha remembered her teacher as the person who encouraged her to achieve her Maths GCSE. Since the GCSE requires more typing, someone needs to assist her with her typing. As a result, Alisha believed that studying Maths GCSE would be impossible and that she would be unable to complete it. Alisha was reminded of it recently and stated that studying GCSE was now achievable because she could complete her work without the assistance of anyone other than her own voice.
Meaning of difficult words:
Silly Something which denotes lack of evaluative thought
Rely onTo depend on somebody or something
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