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Compound words are words created by combining two or more words with different meanings to form a new word.
i. Dining + room = Dining room
ii. Cup + cakes = Cupcakes
iii. Pop + corn = Popcorn
iv. Ice + cream = Ice cream
v. Full + moon = Full moon
Compound words are formed using:
Noun + Noun
Gerund + Noun
Noun + Verb
Let us look into each form in detail:
1. Noun + Noun: Nouns, as we already know, are words used to identify any class of people, places, or things (common noun) or to name a particular one of these (proper noun).
i. Bed + room = Bedroom
ii. Police + man = Policeman
iii. Note + book = Notebook
iv. Home + work = Homework
v. Cell + phone = Cell phone
2. Gerund + Noun: Gerunds are verbs that end with "ing" and are used as nouns. For instance,
i. Swimming + pool = Swimming pool
ii. Dining + hall = Dining hall
iii. Visiting + card = Visiting card
iv. Passing + cloud = Passing cloud
v. Calling + bell = Calling bell
3. Noun + Verb: When names of words (nouns) combine with action words (verbs).
i. Rain + fall = Rainfall
ii. Hair + cut = Haircut
iii. Dish + wash = Dish wash
iv. Head + ache = Headache
v. Sun + rise = Sunrise
Compound words used in the lesson "The Attic":
1. Childhood
2. Two-storeyed
3. Neatly-combed
4. Overwrought
5. One-storeyed