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     Aditya and I were returning from the site of our new factory at Deodarganj. We were driving along National Highway 40. We had reached a point where the road bifurcated. If we drove ten kilometres along the road that branched off to the right, we would reach Bramhapur. I asked Aditya whether he was interested in revisiting the place of his birth, which he had left after he had passed the matriculation examination from the local school to continue his studies in Calcutta.
     ‘When I left our ancestral house, twenty-nine years ago, the house was almost two hundred years old,’ recollected Aditya. ‘I doubt if even the school building, which may have undergone many changes, will be recognisable any more. Trying to revive old childhood memories may prove disappointing!
The lesson "The Attic" is a short story written in the first person that deals directly with human flaws and the power of forgiveness. The lesson was written by Satyajit Ray.

The lesson opens with the narrator introducing Aditya to the readers. The narrator and Aditya were friends and business partners, and they had newly started a factory in Deodarganj. One day, as they were driving down National Highway 40, they came to a point where the road diverged into two distinct ways. They both knew that driving ten kilometres along the road that split to the right would take them to Bramhapur.
Factory at Deodarganj

While thinking about the path, the narrator asks his friend Aditya whether he wishes to visit his birthplace. Aditya had left his hometown after finishing his matriculation exams at a nearby local school. When the narrator asked about revisiting the place, Aditya recalled the lovely experiences in his hometown. He said that he had left his ancestral home twenty-nine years ago. The house Aditya left was about 200 years old, and it was constructed during the period of his forefathers. After thinking about the house, he recollected his childhood school. Aditya was not sure even the school building, which had undergone a lot of alterations, would be recognisable. He also remarked that recalling his childhood memories would lead to disappointment.
Aditya's ancestral house
Meanings of the difficult words:
Site An area of land or place where a particular business, industrial, manufacturing activity happens or is planned to happen
Factory A building or set of buildings where large amounts of goods are made using machines
BifurcatedDivided into two
Drove To go or take somebody somewhere in a car
RevisitTo go to a place again
Revive To come or bring something back to life, health, existence, or use
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