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     Mrs. Hudson, the landlady of  Sherlock Holmes, came to me and said, “Mr. Holmes is dying, Mr. Watson. For  three days he has been sinking, and I doubt  if he will last another day. He would not  let me get a doctor. I told him I could not stand it anymore and would get a doctor.” He replied, “Let it be Watson then.”
The story is originally titled 'The Adventure of Dying Detective' and is written by Arthur Conan Doyle. This is one of the forty-six stories that Doyle has written featuring Sherlock and Watson. Sherlock is the most intellectual and smart detective who solves most of the unsolved cases and crimes. The story's topic in itself triggers a curiosity in the reader's mind, as Sherlock is the only detective and makes us wonder if this is the last of the mastermind.
In almost all of Doyle's stories, Sherlock resides in \(221B\) Baker street in London. The house is owned by Mrs. Hudson, who takes proper care of Holmes. She even rescues him from a sniper in one of the stories. She makes multiple appearances in the stories, and most of it is to introduce the arrival of a new character to the scene. She does not pry on the conversations and often leaves the visitor with Holmes. The story 'The Dying Detective' also starts with Mrs. Hudson, who is frantically reaching for Dr. Watson. She informs him that Sherlock is in a sad state and he is really ill.
Mrs. Hudson tells Watson about Holmes
Dr. Watson was an army doctor initially, who had a major accident in his leg, due to which he could not continue in the army. When Mrs Hudson informs Watson, she does not just say that Holmes is ill, rather she uses the statement that he is dying, indicating that the condition is serious. She says that Holmes had been ill for the last three days, and if he goes on like this, he will die within the next day. In spite of being really sick and on the verge of dying, Holmes does not ask for a doctor. But Mrs. Hudson does not leave him alone as she is concerned. She says that she cannot stand him dying without any medical help. Since she insists, Holmes says that if she had to bring in a doctor, it has to be his old friend Dr. Watson.
Meaning of difficult words:
LandladySomeone who rents out house
SinkingDying (In the context of the lesson)
AdventureTo have an usual and daring experience
TriggerTo set off something in the initial stages
CuriosityTo be interested to know
PryTo peak into something
FranticallyIn a hurried and anxious way
SniperSharp gun shooter
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