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     “Holmes,” I said, “you are not yourself  whether you like it or not. I will examine your symptoms and treat you.”
     “If I am to have a doctor,” said he, “let me at least have someone in whom I have confidence.”
     “Then you have none in me?”
     “In your friendship, certainly. But facts are facts, Watson. You are a general practitioner, not a specialist of this disease.”
     “If so, let me bring Sir Japer Meek or Penrose Fisher, or any other best man in London.”
     “How ignorant you are! Watson!” he  said with a groan.
     “What do you know about Tarpaunli fever or the black Formosa plague?”
     “I have never heard of them,” I admitted.
     “There are many problems of the disease in the East. I have learnt that much during my recent researches. And during this course I caught this illness,” he said.
     “I will bring Dr. Ainstree then,” I said going towards the door. Never have I had such a shock when the dying man bolted the door and locked it, shouted in an uncontrolled way and in a moment he was back in his bed.
     “You won’t have the key by force from me Watson. Be here till 6 o’clock. It is four now"
     “This is madness, Holmes,” I said.
     “Only two hours, Watson. Then you can get a doctor of my choice. You can read some books, over there. At six we will talk again.”
Holmes is very adamant that he will not allow anyone to touch him or come near him. Watson feels that Holmes needs help when he is sick with the deadly disease. When one is sick, they are not only physically unfit but also mentally stressed. So Watson thinks that rather than obeying Holmes in a situation like this, he must take charge. He tells Holmes that he is not being his usual self due to his sickness, and that is the reason why he is making illogical decisions such as not consulting a doctor. Dr. Watson says that he will examine Holmes' symptoms and treat him accordingly. But Holmes immediately denies this offer.
Holmes is against being examined by a doctor
Holmes, who was initially denied the offer to see a doctor, now agrees to see one. But he makes a condition that he will have a doctor only in whom he has confidence. This surprises and saddens Watson, as he had been close to Holmes and was not expecting this. He wonders if Holmes does not have confidence in him as a doctor. He also feels let down as he is not allowed to treat his friend. He also asks Holmes if he does not trust him. But Holmes makes it clear that he definitely trusts him as a friend. But it is different when we trust someone as a friend and trust them with our life. Doctors specialize in different areas, and different diseases are treated by someone who has studied deeply on the subject. There are doctors who look into general diseases such as normal fever, cough etc., Dr. Watson was one such general physician. Holmes cites this as a reason why he wanted another doctor. He also points out that it is not a normal disease that has contracted him.
Watson understands and suggests the best physicians in the town to cure him. He says that he will call Sir Japer Meek or Penrose Fisher, who are sought after doctors. Holmes says that Watson is ignorant as it is not easy for any doctor to cure him. He says that he has contracted Tarpaunli fever. It is also called the black Formosa plague, which is deadly and contagious. Watson understands the seriousness and agrees that he has not even heard of this disease and suggests an even better doctor named Ainstree, who can treat any disease. But then something unexpected happened with Holmes. Holmes, who was sick for so long, jumps out of his bed and bolts the door, preventing Watson from going out. He lays out a rule that Watson should give him two hours to rest and that he can call a doctor after that. He says that they would stay talking and reading books until \(6\).
Holmes literally jumped out of the bed
Meaning of difficult words:
PractitionerA person who is actively engaged in medicine or any art form
SpecialistA person who is skilled exclusively in one area
BoltedTo lock the door
ExamineTo closely look at
PlagueA contagious disease that causes serious damage
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