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   ‘What was the matter with that one policeman?’ mother asked, after they had gone. ‘Grandfather shot him,’ I said. ‘What for?’ she demanded. I told her he was a deserter. ‘Of all things!’ said mother. ‘He was such a nice-looking young man’. 


  ‘Grandfather was fresh as a daisy and full of jokes at breakfast next morning. We thought at first he had forgotten all about what had happened, but he hadn’t. Over his third cup of coffee, he glared at Herman and me. ‘What was the idee of all them cops tarryhootin’ round the house last night?’ he demanded. 'None of you bothered to leave a bottle of water beside my bed. Do you ever realize what it cost for a thirsty man to look for water in the dining room last night?" He had us there. 


After the police force had retired, the narrator's mother asked the narrator what had happened to the police officer. She was referring to officer whose hand was bandaged. The narrator explained that the grandfather had shot him. When the mother demanded to know the reason behind the act, the narrator simply explains that it had because 'he was a deserter'. hearing this, the mother exclaimed, 'of all things!', suggesting that she wasn't happy with the news either. Later, she adds that he was such a handsome young man.
At breakfast the next morning, Grandfather was as bright as a daisy and full of jokes. The narrator and his family initially assumed he had forgotten all that had happened, but he hadn't. He looked at Herman and the narrator as he sipped his third cup of coffee, and demanded to know what had happened last night. He was also specific with his question, for asked them what the "police officers" were doing. His reveal that he not only remembered the situation from the previous night, but had also realised that the visitors were police officers and not the deserters. It is unclear how he had come to the realisation, or could it be that he had known about the fact all along.
In the end, he also points out to his family that none of them were thoughtful enough to leave a bottle of water beside his bedside the previous night. Moreover, he puts forward a rhetorical question, 'do you have any idea what it cost a thirsty man last night to hunt for water in the dining room?', revealing that it was his footsteps that the narrator had heard.
Taken by the turn of events, the narrator ends the story by stating, 'he had us there'. He was shocked in realising that all the ruckus and chaos were, in the end, a result of  a small misunderstanding.
Grandfather spoke over his third cup of coffee
Meanings of difficult words:
Sl. No
GlaredTo stare in an angry or fierce way
Tarryhootin’Tarry (to stay somewhere longer than you should) + hoot (to shout loudly)
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