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      It was now about two o’clock of a moonless night; clouds hung black and low. Bodwell was at the window in a minute, shouting frothing a little, shaking his fist. ‘We’ll sell the house and go back to Peoria,’ we could hear Mrs. Bodwell saying. It was some time before mother ‘got through’ to Bodwell. ‘Burglars!’ she shouted. ‘Burglars in the house!’ Herman and I hadn’t dared to tell her that it was not burglars but ghosts, for she was even more afraid of ghosts than of burglars. Bodwell at first thought that she meant there were burglars in his house, but finally he quieted down and called the police for us over an extension phone by his bed. After he had disappeared from the window, mother suddenly made as if to throw another shoe, not because there was further need of it but, as she later explained, because the thrill of heaving a shoe through a window glass had enormously taken her fancy. I prevented her. 


It was around \(2:00\)a.m. when the mother flung her shoe at the Bodwells. And about \(45\) minutes had passed since the narrator heard the footsteps for the \(1\)st time. The narrator describes that it was a moonless night. The clouds were hanging back and low, 'an indication that it might rain in the next \(12\) hours'*. The line might also be a reference to the narrator's mood, suggesting his helplessness when it came to controlling his mother's frantic behaviour.
Bodwell was at the window in a flash, yelling, frothing a little, and shaking his fist. As expected, he was angry. Mrs Bodwell could also be heard saying, 'We’ll sell the house and go back to Peoria'. While Mr Bodwell's reaction can be considered spontaneous and natural, for anybody in his position would have reacted similarly, Mrs Bodwell's reaction has a humorous undertone. Without proper investigation as to what or who had caused the wreckage, she immediately suggested that they should sell the house and move back to Peoria.
Mr Bodwell was angry
Peoria is a city in Illinois, a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is also relatively closer to Ohio, with Indiana situated between the two states. The line "go back to Peoria" suggests that the Bodwells have probably moved from Peoria and that Mrs Bodwell feels more at home there than in their home in Ohio.
USA map.png
A map of USA
Back to the story, the narrator says that it took a while for his mother to get through to Mr Bodwell. She called out to him, explaining that burglars had broken into the house. The narrator explains that he and Herman hadn't dared to tell their mother that it was ghosts and not burglars. They remained silent because they knew that she was much more terrified of ghosts than burglars.
When the mother tried to inform Mr Bodwell about the burglars, he initially thought there was a break-in in his home. However, he eventually calmed down and called the police from an extension phone next to his bed. He later went back inside.
Mr Bodwell called the police
Mother, being who she is, didn't go inside. Instead, she made another attempt to throw a shoe at the Bodwell's window, though there was no need for it. Fortunately, the narrator was able to stop her this time. She later explained that she liked the excitement of hurling a shoe through window glass.  
Meanings of difficult words:
Sl. No
FrothingA mass of small bubbles appearing at ones mouth; to be extremely angry
FistA person's hand when the fingers are bent in towards the palm and held there tightly, typically in order to strike a blow or grasp something
PeoriaA city in Illinois, a state in the Midwestern region of the United States
HeaveTo lift, haul, or throw something heavy with great effort
Enormous Very large in size, quantity, or extent
FancyTo feel a desire or liking for
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