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The story "A day in 2889 of an American Journalist" was written by Jules Verne in \(1889\). This story takes place in the twenty-ninth century, and it is about people who lived in a fairyland. Since they grew up in a technologically advanced era, those technological improvements seem normal to them. The author, in particular, used the life of a journalist to demonstrate how technological advancements had progressed in the year \(2889\).
Though it is an imagined story, the protagonist Francis Bennett's day at work in Fairy Land after a thousand years makes readers feel awestruck.
What if a man is dressed up by a Robot?
What if you had your own plane to travel in the same way you had your car?
What if you could cross a long pathway in a matter of minutes without even walking?
In the preceding section, you'll find solutions to all of these questions..
Characters involved:
Mr. Francis Bennett - Protagonist of the story
Mrs. Edith Francis - Wife of Mr. Francis
Mr. Cash - Astronomical reporter
Mr. Corley - Astronomical reporter
A young man
A second inventor