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     The year is 2889, the date 25th July and the place is the office block of the Managing Editor of the Earth Herald, the world’s largest newspaper. In this futuristic story written in 1889, the writer describes how he visualizes the world a thousand years later – a world of technological advancements where newspapers are not printed but ‘spoken’.
The lesson is about a future age in which people live in the year 2889, and the events described in this story take place on July 25th. The venue of the story is the office block of the Managing Editor of the 'Earth Herald' newspaper. The author mentions 'Earth Herald' as the world's largest newspaper. Though written in \(1889\), the writer in this story visualises a world thousand years later from his period, equipped with high technological advancements. So there are no printed newspapers but 'spoken'.
It might be the author used the name 'Herald' for the newspaper in this story for two reasons.
1. In general. the term 'herald' refers to 'a future event or a situation'. 
2. Also, IHT (The International Herald Tribune) was a daily English-language newspaper in Paris, France, for internationally English-speaking readers. This newspaper was founded in the year \(1887\), and it stopped its publication in the year \(2013\).
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