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     When he had finished his lunch, he went across to the window, where his aero-car was waiting.
     ‘Where are we going, Sir?’ asked the aero-coachman. ‘Let’s see. I’ve got time…’  Francis Bennett replied. ‘Take me to my accumulator works at Niagara.’
     The aero-car shot across space at a speed of about four hundred miles an hour. Below him were spread out the towns with their moving pavements which carry the wayfarers along the streets, and  the countryside, covered, as though by an immense spider’s web, by the network of electric wires.
After finishing his meal, Francis stepped near his office window. He then noticed his aero car, which was waiting for him to it pick up. The term 'aero car' refers to a car that can fly through the air. The author's vision of a flying car in the year 2889 is fantastic; people have their own aero cars to fly in the air, similar to the cars and other vehicles we have now, according to the author's vision. When the driver or aero-coachman noticed Francis approaching the window, he would inquire about Francis' plans. Francis then told his driver(aero-coach) that he had time and asked him to drive him to Niagara, where he was working on accumulators.
Currently, travelling \(400\) miles by train takes eight hours. A flight would take around 3 hours to cover 400 miles. Francis's aero-car flew through space at a speed of roughly 400 miles per hour. Apart from Phonotelephote, the aero-car is their period's conquest (2889). Moving pavements, as indicated by the author in this story, were another notable achievement of their period 2889. The wayfarers are carried along the streets and through the countryside by those moving pavements, which are covered in an enormous spider's web of electric cables. People (wayfarers) just need to step onto the moving pavements, and they will be whisked away to their destination without even having to walk. In general, a sedentary lifestyle is evolving as a result of technological advancements.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Accumulator A large rechargeable battery
WayfarerOne who travels by foot
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