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     At last I hung the key on my watch- guard; but then it occurred to me that it  might be lost or stolen. Dreading this, I hid it, fearful that someone might use it to open the box. This state of doubt and fear lasted for weeks, until I became nervous and began to dread that some accident might happen to that box. A burglar might come and boldly carry it away and force it open and find it was a wicked fraud of my uncle’s. Even the rumble and vibration caused by the heavy vans in the street became at last a terror.
Finally, the narrator hung the key on his watch guard. While hanging it there, he had an odd notion of whether the key would be lost or what he would do if it were stolen. Furthermore, the narrator was concerned that someone might use the key to unlock the box. This state of anxiety and worry remained for several weeks. The narrator's next concern was about what might happen if the iron box was mistakenly opened. He also thought about what would happen if the thief came and stole the box.
The narrator also thinks that if the thief tries to open the box and he cannot open it, the thief will come to know about his wicked uncle's plan. The plan was nothing, but it would explode if someone mistakenly opened the box.

The narrator then thought that the box would explode due to the noise and vibration caused by the heavy vans on the roadway. This thought occurred to him since his uncle had instructed him not to shake the package.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Explosive Able or likely to shatter violently or burst apart
Burglar A person who illegally enters buildings and steals things
Rumble To make a continuous low sound
Watch guardA short ribbon or chain attached to a pocket watch with trousers or vests, usually used by men
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