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டவுன்லோடு செய்யுங்கள்
     I was delighted to assist them. I told the collector my story, and showed him Uncle Philip’s letter. Then I offered him the key, and asked for time to get half a mile away. That man said he would think it over and come back later.
     This is all I have to say. I have made a will and left my rubies and pearls to the Society for the Preservation of Human Vivisection. If any man thinks this account a joke or an invention, let him coldly imagine the situation: Given an iron box, known to contain wealth, and to contain dynamite, arranged to explode when the key is used to unlock it – what would any sane man do? What would he advise?

The narrator was happy to assist the tax collectors. It might be because he was too afraid of losing the gems, so he might have chosen the option to seek help from them. He then narrated his story to the collector, and he showed him Uncle Philip's letter. Then the narrator then handed him the key and asked for a half-mile distance. The collector then stated that he would consider it and return later.

The narrator then stated that this is what he likes to tell everyone. He made a will in which he indicated that the pearls and diamonds would be left to the Society for the Preservation of Human Vivisection. Then he told the audience that if they think this is a joke or a fake, consider the following scenario. What would any sensible individual do if given an iron box holding wealth and explosives that were programmed to explode when the key was used to open it? What kind of guidance would he give?
The narrator's will
If an iron box contains wealth and explosives and if it were set to detonate when the key was used to open it, I would advise you to hand over the box to the nearby police station. The police officer would take the necessary steps to see whether any explosive items were inside. If any explosive things were there, the police would get assistance from the bomb diffusing team and do the needful.
Meaning of the difficult words:
DelightedA feeling or showing great pleasure for something
Assist Guiding someone in any task
CollectorAn official responsible for collecting money
Coldly Without any emotions
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