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Silas Weir Mitchell - (\(1829\)-\(1914\)) was born in Philadelphia. He was a neurologist by profession. He was regarded as one of the most famous physicians of his day and a prolific writer of scientific and literary writings. He earned his M.D in \(1850\) after studying at the University of Pennsylvania. He is regarded as the father of neurology and a pioneer in scientific medicine. He wrote over \(25\) literary works, and his medical expertise and background allowed him to write historical fiction with a strong psychological foundation. Several universities in the United States and overseas bestowed honorary degrees on him. The American Academy of Neurology award for young researchers is named after him.
Silas Weir Mitchell
Some of his works are,
  • War Time (\(1882\))
  • Roland Blake (\(1886\))
  • Hugh Wynne (\(1896\))
  • Dr. North and his Friends (\(1900\))
  • Circumstance (\(1901\))
  • Constance Trescott (\(1905\))
  • Westways (\(1913\))