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The narrative "The Aged Mother" by "Matsuo Basho" emphasises the bond between a mother and a son, as well as the wisdom of the elderly. Once upon a time, there lived a poor farmer who loved and treasured his mother above all else. They lived in the country of 'Shining,' which was ruled by a dictatorial ruler who once ordered the killing of all elders.
Since the poor farmer cherished his mother so much, he did not want to carry out the order. But, when the situation demanded it, he decided to take his mother up the mountain and abandon her as a gentle way of killing her. At the top of the mountain, when he said his goodbyes to his mother, he was touched by her wise counsel and concern for her son's safety. He then decided to return home with his mother, hiding her in his hut so that no one would notice.
Days passed. After some time, the cruel governor of Shining issued another order, this time to present him with a rope made of ashes. And, when the Shining's people were confused as to how to carry out such an impossible order, the poor farmer was able to do it with the help of his mother.
When the governor questioned the farmer about how he was able to do such a task, the farmer revealed the truth. The governor did not penalise him for rescuing his mother, but he did withdraw his proclamation as he recognised the value of the elderly in a country's development.
The narrative ends with the moral that the knowledge of the elderly is just as vital as the strength of the youth.