Peter was an eight-year small boy who lived in Holland, which is situated below sea level. 'Dikes' which refers to the great walls that protects the Holland country by preventing the seawater entering. Even the little children of Holland are aware of the importance of a Dike and are aware that even a little hole in it can be a very dangerous thing.
One day, Peter's mother tasked him with crossing a Dike to deliver cakes to a blind friend and returning home before dusk. After spending time with his blind friend, Peter set out on his trek back home. He heard the sound of trickling water on his journey back to his home. He then noticed that the dike had a small hole through which water was leaking. Peter placed his finger into the tiny hole to temporarily block the flow of water. He yelled for assistance, but no one responded since no one heard him. So he stayed up all night, managing to keep the dike hole from leaking. He didn't give up because he was so determined to save his country that his finger got numb.
The next morning a man who walked along the top of the dike passed by the path where Peter was and heard a groaning sound there. He noticed Peter clinging to the dike's side from over the edge and raised the alarm. The villagers hurried to the spot and used shovels to fill the hole. Also, Peter was taken to his parents. The villagers soon realised how Peter saved their lives. Hence, Peter's brave actions have been remembered in Holland to this day, and he is seen as their little hero.