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     Many years ago, China was in the middle of a great war. The Emperor said that one man from each Chinese family must leave his family to join the army. Mulan, a teenage girl who lived in a  faraway village of China, heard the news when she was outside, washing clothes.
     Mulan ran into the house. Her father was sitting in a chair, carving a piece of  wood. “Father!” she said. “Did you hear what the Emperor says each family must do?”
Women played an essential role in Chinese history. From the Warring States period to the Qin Dynasty, they played important roles in both the production of crops and the military. They were even active in the military for many wars. To improve their position, a lot of reforms have been made, including the emancipation of women, such as during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The first time women were allowed to join in the war was on the battlefield during the Qin Dynasty when they made up around 10% of the population, which meant they outnumbered males by over 2 to 1! This was also the start of gender equality, as women were granted the same rights as men.
The lesson, "The Story of Mulan," is set in ancient China during a time when wars were common The lesson revolves around a legendary plot centred on women's role in wars and highlights women's bravery.
A long time ago, in China, there was a war that required additional soldiers and those already available in the Chinese army. As a result, the Chinese emperor demanded that one member of each family join the Chinese army. This is the story's background; now, let's see what happened.
The emperor's order was carried throughout China, and Mulan, a young girl from a faraway village, happened to hear it while washing clothes outside. She was so excited when she heard the announcement that she ran into the house to tell her father, who was sitting in a chair carving a piece of wood. Mulan inquired anxiously about her father's reaction to the announcement.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Emperor A male ruler of an empire
Refers to the act of making anything by cutting or shaping materials such as wood
Faraway Lying at a great distance
Legendary Refers to someone or something famous or well-known from ancient times
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