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"The Story of Mulan" is woven around a brave female warrior named 'Mulan'. A long time ago, in China, there was a war that required additional soldiers in addition to those already available in the Chinese army. As a result, the Chinese emperor demanded one man from each family join the army.

Women were prohibited from working in armies in those days in China. Still, Mulan wanted to join the army on behalf of her aged, ill father. She chopped her hair, changed her clothes to those of a man, and convinced her father to let her join the army. Mulan's bold decision to join the army despite knowing it meant her death sparkles with her patriotism, determination, and love for her family.

Mulan, after joining the army, continuously won all the battles and was put in charge of other soldiers. Soon, her bravery and hard work made her an army general. When things were going well in Mulan's life, a dangerous fever swept through the soldiers of Mulan's regiment, and it caused Mulan herself to fall ill.

Unfortunately, Mulan's identity was revealed to the soldiers by the doctor who treated her during her fever, and some of the soldiers were angry with her while others kept supporting her. Suddenly, a soldier rushed to Mulan's regiment, announcing the enemy's arrival. Despite her illness, Mulan led her team to escape from the enemy. Finally, China successfully won the war.

Mulan had brought a long-running war to an end, and the Emperor was so relieved that he disregarded the law prohibiting women from serving in the army. He then invited Mulan to stay in his palace as a royal adviser since he thought Mulan would be the ideal person for the job. But Mulan politely refused it and went home with the lavish gifts that the emperor had given her.