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     Just then, a soldier ran up. “Everyone!" he called. "A surprise attack is coming!”
     Mulan heard this from inside her tent. She got dressed and went outside. She was not yet strong, but stood tall. She told the soldiers where they must go to hide so they could attack when the enemy came. But they must get there fast! The soldiers, even those who did not like that their General was a woman, could tell that Mulan knew what she was talking about.
During the debate between Mulan's supporters and opponents, a soldier approached them and alerted them of an impending enemy attack on their regiment. Mulan dressed in her regular clothes and walked outside to command her troop after hearing the enemy's arrival announcement, despite her illness. She was physically and mentally frail. Despite the fact that she was weak as a result of her sickness, she kept her spirits up. She led her entire team of warriors, regardless of who supported or opposed her. She informed them where to hide so they could attack while the enemy were approaching their regiment. She informed them that the enemy unit was approaching by and that they needed to defend themselves.
Even the soldiers who despised Mulan because she was a woman recognised the significance of her advice and followed it. They knew Mulan would always steer them in the right direction.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Hide To go or be somewhere where you cannot be noticed or seen 
RegimentA large group of soldiers
Got dressed To put on clothes
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). English Standard-10. The Story of Mulan (pp. 88 & 89). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation