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     Mulan bowed deeply. “You are too kind, Sire,” she said. “But if you please, what I wish most of all is to return home to my family.”
     “Then at least take these fine gifts,” said the Emperor. "So everyone at your home and village will know how much the Emperor of China thinks of you.”
     Mulan returned to her village with six fine horses and six fine swords. Everyone cheered that she was safe. The person who had saved China was their very own Mulan!
Mulan bowed deeply to show her respect and loyalty; thanked the emperor for his kindness after listening to him. She then expressed her desire to return her home to the king.
Mulan's appeal brings out the following characteristics
  • Her love for her family is obvious.
  • Her unconcern for power, position, or money is an example of her superior character.
  • Her preference for family above career.
Mulan's request was accepted by the emperor, who lavished her with presents in order to convey the emperor's approval of Mulan to her family and villagers.
Mulan eventually came home, having successfully won the battle with six splendid horses and six magnificent swords. Everyone was ecstatic to see her and comforted by the fact that their village girl Mulan had saved China.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
BowTo bend your head and body forward down as a way of showing respect
SireRefers to a respectful way of addressing the king
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