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     ‘May I take Zigzag to school, Papa?’ Arvind, as always, was planning ahead. ‘I want to display him in the science exhibition.’
     ‘When is Zigzag coming, Papa?’ Maya was jumping up and down, all excited.
     ‘Uncle Somu said he would send Zigzag with his old cook, Visu, sometime today. I’ll have to leave for my clinic now. There,’ he added as the doorbell rang, ‘that’s probably them!’
     And indeed it was!
     ‘Come in, Zigzag, come in, dear! ’coazed Visu, and in tottered the strangest, weirdest-looking bird the Krishnan family had ever seen.
Mrs. Krishnan did not object to Zigzag's arrival directly, but she did express her displeasure with Dr. Somu's gifts based on her previous bad experiences. Other members of Krishnan's family, on the other hand, were pleased with Somu's gifts and eagerly anticipated the arrival of Zigzag.
When Arvind Krishnan, Dr. Krishnan's son, heard of Zigzag's multilingual singing ability, he asked his father if he could bring the bird to his school as he had something planned. He intended to show Zigzag at his school's science exhibition.'
Krishnan's daughter, Maya, was also excited to know when Zigzag would arrive. She was thrilled with delight to know about Zigzag, the multilingual bird. And Krishnan said that Dr. Somu's old cook, Visu, would bring it to Krishnan's residence. Krishnan was about to leave for his clinic when he heard a doorbell, which he assumed was Visu, Zigzag's companion. Yes, Krishnan was right. Krishnan's guess was confirmed by Visu and Zigzag, who were waiting outside his door.
When Visu gently called upon Zigzag into Krishnan's family, the strangest, weirdest-looking Zigzag shambled for time and got into Dr.Krishnan's house; the entire family had been waiting to see Zigzag save Mrs. Krishnan.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Display To place or keep something in a visible location for others to see
Weird Strange or unusual
TotterTo walk or move in an unsteady way 
CoaxTo persuade someone gently
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