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     Dr.Krishnan was amazed! Gone was Zigzag’s bored and grumpy expression. Instead the bird looked happy and alert as it went about the job it had been trained for, first with the African witch doctor and then with Dr.Somu. Dr.Krishnan’s clinic, usually a noisy sea of tears and tantrums, was transformed into a calm, orderly place as Zigzag efficiently soothed the frightened patients, scolded the naughty ones and made the crying ones smile. And if his yam-digging song and recitation of French poetry reduced the children to helpless laughter instead of tears, he didn’t look as though he minded. And best of all, Zigzag never slept. Or snored. Even for a second!
Dr. Krishnan was awestruck by Zigzag's efforts. He was delighted with the silence in his clinic. As mentioned earlier, Zigzag no longer looked bored or irritated. It appeared to be more active than it had been at Krishnan's house during non-sleepy hours, when it would just sit on the veranda and watch the sunset at Marina. As Zigzag went about its job, it appeared cheerful and alert, as if it was waiting for that moment. Yes, Zigzag was trained for the same purpose by the African witch. In Dr. Somu's clinic, it did the same thing. Krishnan's home atmosphere differed from that of a clinic, and as a result, it behaved strangely because it was a new environment for it, so it felt drowsy without doing anything. However, when it arrived at Dr. Krishnan's clinic, it did its job and transformed a chaotic sea of tears and tantrums into a calm, orderly environment.
Zigzag did an excellent job of soothing the terrified patients, scolding the misbehaving ones, and making the sobbing ones smile because it had been appropriately trained to manage all types of children. Furthermore, children remained calm because seeing such a strange bird was exciting. In addition to that, Zigzag's yam-digging song and recitation of French poetry moved the children to helpless laughter rather than tears, and Zigzag didn't seem to mind. Zigzag never slept or snored, as Dr. Krishnan had feared.
Meanings of difficult words:
S. No
Grumpy Irritable or ill-tempered
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