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     Bored eyes brightened momentarily as Zigzag picked up a walnut. But refusing to speak, he dropped one wrinkled eyelid in a solemn wink and flew clumsily to deposit the nut on the enormous chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Bit by bit, and in total silence, all the fruit on the plate was transferred to the chandelier and on to the blades of the ceiling fan (now switched off).
     Then perching comfortably on a curtain rod, Zigzag dropped one wizened eyelid in another solemn wink as he sank his beak into a plump guava.
     ‘Don’t worry, children,’ Visu comforted as he left, noticing how disappointed they looked when Zigzag stubbornly refused to say a single word to them even though they tried speaking to him in English, Hindi, Tamil and French. ‘Just wait till Zigzag settles down in this new home, they you can have a great time listening to him.’
Zigzag's bored, drowsy expression had gone as it saw the walnuts Arvind had bought for it, and it took a walnut. Still, it refused to talk and pitifully winked his one wrinkled eye. It swooped down and dropped the nut on the chandelier suspended. A chandelier is a light device that hangs from the ceiling. Its (Zigzag's) mischief had not ended there. It gradually transferred all fruits from the plate to the chandelier and then to the fan blades on the ceiling. Thankfully, the fan was turned off. Zigzag then plunged his beak into plump guava while sitting atop a curtain rod, giving another serious wink with one wizened eyelid.
Maya and Arvind spoke to Zigzag in English, Hindi, Tamil, and French and tried to make Zigzag speak. But Zigzag was so adamant that it would not even speak with them. After observing Zigzag not speaking to anyone around them, Visu tried to soothe Arvind and Maya, asking them not to worry. He assured him that they would have a great time listening to it, provided Zigzag was getting acquainted with the new surroundings.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
PerchTo sit on the branch or edge of something 
Chandelier A light fixture that hangs on a ceiling
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). Term 1 English Standard-10. Zigzag - Asha Nehemiah (pp. 50-55). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.