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Dr. Somu's bird, Zigzag, was a multilingual African bird, gifted to him by an African witch doctor. He gave the bird to Dr. Krishnan when he was leaving for Alaska. But, despite some of Dr Krishnan's family members best efforts, Zigzag did not communicate with his family.
Also, Zigzag kept sleeping and snoring for several days, which spoiled Dr Krishnan's house ambience of calmness and brought a chaotic situation. Moreover, Zigzag spoiled Mrs. Krishnan's painting by the fruits, made neighbours complain, disturbed Mrs. Krishnan's painting work, and spoiled Dr Krishnan's family ambience. But finally, Zigzag's activities had ended with a happy climax.
Due to the snoring disturbance, Dr Krishna's son Aravind wished to go to school since he thought his school would be more peaceful than his home. Mrs.Jhunjhunwala paid rupees \(5000\) for Mrs. Krishnan's painting, "Sunset at Marina," which Zigzag had spoiled, as the splashed fruits on the painting were misinterpreted as a new technique used by Mrs. Krishnan.
Furthermore, Zigzag made Dr. Krishnan's clinic entirely silent, leading him to believe Zigzag was an absolute treasure. Finally, Dr Krishnan's family recognised the significance of Zigzag and desired to retain it.