"The Jungle Book" (1894) is a collection of \(14\) stories by Rudyard Kipling, an English writer and Nobel Laureate. The book talks about a boy named Mowgli who gets lost in a jungle and gets raised by Mother Wolf and other wild animals.
Stories were initially written and published in magazines between \(1893\) and \(1894\), and each with original drawings, some of which were created by the author's father. It was followed by a sequel, "The Second Jungle Book", published in \(1985\). It has also been said that the stories were written for the author's daughter Josephine, who died at the age of six, not long after the first book's first edition was published.
The stories are set in an Indian jungle, and "Seonee"(Seoni), in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, is the principal setting. Each chapter of the book is divided into a story, with each story is accompanied by an epigram.
One of the major features of the stories are their characters. The majority of them are animals, such as Shere Khan the tiger and Baloo the bear. However, the central character is Mowgli, a child or "man-cub" raised by wolves in the jungle. The stories are fables where the animals are given human characteristics to teach moral lessons.
The Principal Characters of the stories are:
Mowgli - Human boy or the "man-cub"
Wolves - Includes Akela (the Chief of the Pack), Raksha (Mother Wolf), Rama (Father Wolf), and Mowgli's wolf-brothers
Shere Khan - the tiger (the villain)amur-tiger-4155922_1920.jpg
Bagheera - a black Panther (Mowgli's mentor and protector)shutterstock_1141649447.jpg
Baloo - a sloth bear (Mowgli's friend and teacher) shutterstock_709577554.jpg
Kaa - a giant snake (Mowgli's friend and mentor)shutterstock_34905622 (1).jpg
The book and the characters became quite famous that it has inspired several other pieces of literature and music and has been adapted several times into movies and television series.
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The 2016 Disney adaptation of the book*
You can read the original stories written by Rudyard Kipling here.
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