The poem "From a Railway Carriage" is written by Robert Louis Stevenson.
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*R.L. Stevenson
R.L. Stevenson was born in the year \(1850\) in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was a novelist and a poet. He had a poor health condition since his birth, a problem in his respiratory system. But he resisted his illness and travelled far and wide. He wrote many books and poems, and he was most noted for:
  • Treasure Island,
  • Kidnapped,
  • Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
He died in the year \(1894\), following severe health conditions - at the age of \(44\).
It is said that RL Stevenson loved to travel and he was a travel writer. He has written this poem based on his experiences during train travel. This poem provides for good aural tone and rhythm; it makes the reader feel the sounds and vibrations of the train. The images of the train travel also pass in front of the reader's eyes and provides good treat for our senses. He has used many poetical devices like rhyming words, alliteration, imagery to make the poem interesting. The poem is full of aesthetic appreciation of the everyday things around us.
The poem is set in a scene of train travel. The poet describes all that he sees and enjoys during his interesting train ride. He communicates his thoughts and observations in a rhythmic and poetic tone as he sits in his carriage. He has presented a set of realistic images, that enable us to experience the travel, along with him.
An interesting train ride!
*R.L. Stevenson: