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Introduction to the poem:
The poem is adapted from a poem written by Sara Coleridge. Sara (\(1802\)-\(1852\)) was an English author and translator. She had written the poem "Trees" about oak, aspen, peach, willow trees etc. The same has been adapted for Indian trees.
Explanation of the poem:
The poet says the banyan tree is the largest of all trees. The banyan tree is a huge tree with aerial roots(roots are found hanging in the air). It has a thick trunk and glossy leaves. It provides food for birds and shelter for birds, animals and humans.
Banyan tree.
The peepul tree is also known as the sacred fig tree or the mulberry tree. It has a beautiful heart-shaped leaf; it trembles and shakes rapidly, even in a gentle wind, which looks attractive. It has a lot of medicinal values and cures many health problems.
Leaves of the peepul tree.
The coconut tree, unlike the banyan, the tree grows tall and straight. The coconuts have water inside, which has a lot of medicinal properties. Oil is extracted from coconuts which have excellent nutritive value; it is used for cooking and cosmetic purposes. Other uses include using the shells and husks for craftworks.
coconut tree.jpg
Coconut tree with coconuts.
The neem tree is another Indian tree that has a lot of medicinal value. The fruits and seeds are tiny but are a rich source of neem oil.
neem tree.jpg
The fruits of neem tree.
The tamarind tree is a huge tree that produces tamarind, an edible fruit with a sour and sweet taste. It is one of the primary ingredients in Indian cooking, and the tamarind is found within a shell. It gives a cool, enjoyable shade during hot summers.
Tamarind tree with tamarind in shells.
The date palms are tall trees, similar to coconut trees. They don't provide shade like peepul, banyan or neem trees - but the date fruits are tasty, healthy and full of nutrients. The leaves are long and sharp. The poet says the leaves are sharp as a blade, meaning that it can even cut through other objects. But it is used for poetical imagination and rhyme only.
Dates tree.
The teak tree gives us wood that is used for making furniture. The wood from the teak tree is very strong and remains useful for hundreds of years.
Teak wood.
Lastly, the poet writes about the mango tree, which gives us tasty mangoes. Mango is a sweet juicy fruit, loved by one and all. It is grown during summers.
Mango tree with some juicy mangoes!