A message is a short piece of information that we intend to let someone know, to whom we are not able to reach to, for any reason.
Messages may be passed through:
  • Telephone
  • Letter
  • Short note
  • Messenger (in person).
There are not many rules for message writing, as it is informal (in most cases). However, the following rules may be kept in mind while writing a message:
  1. The information should be clear and accurate. The person intending to pass the message will have some important notes like time of appointment, date of an event, important names or numbers. Make sure to pass the information accurately without errors.
  2. All messages should be enclosed in a box.
  3. Word limit is important - messages have to be short and crisp.
post it note.png
A small note that can be stuck on a fridge, desk, or a file!
Your mom has left the following note for you.
You return home from school and find this note on the fridge.
What are the important points in the note?
  1. Mom will not return home until 10 pm.
  2. Dinner is there on the dining table.
  3. I should finish the homework and then watch TV.
  4. I should close all doors and windows and be safe.
Imagine you sleep early (around 9 pm) and therefore you will not meet your mom until the next day. Write a message as a reply to your mom.
Messages can also be written on a paper, and a box can be drawn to represent the same:
Mom, I finished dinner at 7.00 pm, and it was yummy. I finished my homework early, and I was reading storybooks. I closed all doors and windows and remained safe. I hope your meeting was good and you ate well. I'm feeling sleepy now so that I will meet you tomorrow morning.