Sea turtles are among the many wonderful creatures we share this planet with. They have survived natural dangers for millions of years. But, sadly, human activities during the last few decades have put them in grave danger. There are many factors that threaten their survival. People hunt them for their meat or collect their eggs. Sometimes they are accidentally trapped in the nests of motorboats. Problems like pollution, dumping of plastics into the ocean and construction activities on nesting beaches also hurt their survival. Only by systematically tackling these problems, and removing these threats, can we ensure that sea turtles will continue to exist in the years to come.
Sea turtles are one of the most wonderful creatures on our earth. They have faced so many natural predators for millions of years - but still, they have managed to survive. But humans are also affecting their survival lately, almost for the past fifty years. Humans have put the survival of turtles in a serious danger. The factors affecting their survival are:
  1. Humans hunt them for meat.
  2. Humans collect their eggs.
  3. Accidentally gets trapped in motorboat nets.
  4. Pollution.
  5. Disposing plastics carelessly in the ocean.
  6. Construction activities where turtles lay eggs.
We should systematically tackle these problems and remove the activities that threaten the survival to ensure that turtles will continue to live with us in the future.
Meanings of difficult words:
DecadeA period of \(10\) years.
SurviveContinue to live.
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