Odd man out in synonymous words:
In a list of words, all words should have exactsimilar or related meanings. One word which has a different meaning is called the Odd Man Out in synonymous words..
Beautiful - pretty, lovely, stunning, attractive, funny.
In the above list, the words that have synonymous meanings with "beautiful" are pretty, lovely, stunning, attractive. The word "funny" has a different meaning - jovial, humorous. Hence the word "funny" is the odd man out.
Some words from the lesson "Sports stars" with similar words:
  1. Best - good, better
  2. Little - tiny, small
  3. Beginning - start, launch
  4. Surprise - astonish, startle
  5. Achieve - attain, accomplish
  6. Confer - award, present
  7. Comfortable - cosy, snug
  8. Dream - ambition, goal, hope
  9. Support - aid, assist, help
  10. Expert - skilful, specialist
  11. Instantly - Immediately, at once
  12. Learn - Read, study