She indeed is an inspiration to all of us. She actually started playing cricket with her brother. When she was young, she used to go with her father to the grounds where he practised. She used to stand outside the ground, and returned the ball when it came her way. Though it was a humble start, she managed to secure a name and a place for herself. Many of us think cricket is for men; however, she broke the traditional barriers and proved that women are on par with men in every field. The government of India in recognition of her contribution to cricket conferred on her the Padma Shri Award.

     And I forgot to mention about the recent achievement of our Indian women cricket team. Mithali Raj and another woman player Smriti Mandhana hit stylish half centuries and India cruised to a comfortable nine-wicket victory over South Africa in the second women’s T20 International on 23 of February 2018. Mithali anchored the innings to perfection with an unbeaten 76.

     Now that I am inspired by her and my attitude has changed, I certainly will be happy when my little sister follows her passion…
She had inspired many young minds. She had started playing cricket with her brother. When she was a small girl, she went with her father to the cricket ground where he practised cricket. She used to stand outside the ground and picked the ball every time it went to her. From that type of small start to her career, she has reached great heights today and has found a place for herself.
All of us think cricket is a sport meant for men. But she has broken the old thoughts and obstacles and proved that women also equal to men in every field. The Government of India has recognized her talent and awarded the prestigious Padma Shri Award.
One of her recent achievement of the Indian Women's team - Mithali and another lady Smriti Mandhana scored \(50's\) and India achieved the objective with ease and sailed to a comfortable nine-wicket victory over South Africa in the second Women's International, on \(23rd\) February \(2018\). Mithali stood and played defensively in that innings, and stood undefeated at \(76\) runs.
The boy finally wrote that he had been inspired by her so much that his attitude had changed and he will be happy when his little sister follows her passion.
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Meanings of difficult words:
traditionalhabitually done, old practices
recognitionacknowledgement of the existence, validity, or legality of something
cruisedachieve an objective with ease, especially in sport
anchoredsecure firmly in position
unbeatennot defeated
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