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Conversation is a type of oral communication between two or more people. Conversation can be casual or formal, depending on the context.
Ravi: Hi! How are you?
Mridula: Hello, Ravi. I'm fine. How about you?
Ravi: I'm fine too. Are you coming to the school event tomorrow?
Mridula: Yes, I'm coming.
Ravi: Ok, I'll see you there. Bye!
Mridula: Bye!
One must remember the following points while writing a conversation.
  1. Involves natural construction of sentences.
  2. Usage of dramatic expressions like Hi! Wow! etc.
  3. Consideration of each other's point of view.
  4. Arrange ideas in a logical sequence.
  5. Imagine what would be the response of the other person.
  6. Maintain continuity and spontaneity in the dialogue.
  7. Give equal dialogues to all characters.
  8. Make it real by adding interruptions - for example: stopping the other person's dialogue midway.
  9. Give attention to the opening and closing sentences - it must be appropriate with a greeting and a closure.
  10. The conversation can be casual - but grammar is very important even in casual tones.
Sample of a conversation between Ravi, Helen and Priya. They are planning for a surprise birthday party for their friend Abi. Develop the conversation covering the following points:
  • Venue of the party
  • Time of the party
  • Invitees to the party
  • Expenses to be shared
Ravi: Hello, Helen and Priya. We should plan for Abi's birthday party on the 23rd of this month.
Priya: Yes, Ravi! I totally forgot about it!
Helen: We can have the party at my house, my parents have agreed for it. Evening we all can go to my house after school on 23rd.
Ravi: Thank you, Helen. We will buy a cake and chips for the party it will cost us about 600 rupees.
Priya: We already have the amount from the savings we have made from our sales in the carnival. We can use that money.
Helen: That's a great idea.
Ravi: Should we invite anyone else?
Priya: Yes, Arun, Mani and Bala will also join.
Helen: Ok, then, the plan is confirmed.
Ravi: I'll order the cake today itself.
Priya: I'll order the chips packets.
Helen: I'll inform the other friends and make arrangements in my house.
Ravi: Thank you guys, let's make the party a great success!