The scene outside was beautiful with the purple-blue mountains forming a lovely backdrop to the green fields and tea estates. Monkeys were racing all along the tracks. Some were in groups and some had babies clinging onto them.
     “Look Fatima, doesn’t that monkey look cute holding on to its mother’s stomach?” I pointed excitedly. The monkeys were really bold. One of them tried to snatch a banana that a girl had in her hand, as she leaned out of the window to look at the train curving behind on the track. She let out a scream and moved back. Now it was Muthu’s turn to snigger.
     I looked entranced at the misty clouds which covered the mountains and moved in and out of the forests. It looked just like a dream sequence in a movie. Fatima pointed to a bubbling stream with a small waterfall.
When they saw outside, the scene was beautiful. The purple-blue coloured mountains formed a beautiful scenery behind the green farms and the lush tea estates.
Purple-blue mountains formed a lovely backdrop to the green fields and tea estates!
Monkeys were running along the rail tracks. Some monkeys were in groups while some others had baby monkeys holding to the bigger monkeys.
Merlin pointed out a monkey to Fatima. She said with excitement that the monkey looked cute while hanging on its mother's stomach.
"Look Fatima, doesn’t that monkey look cute holding on to its mother’s stomach?"
The monkeys walked on the track bravely. One girl was leaning out of the window to see how the train curved in its track. Just then, one of the monkeys tried to grab a banana that the girl held in her hand. She shouted in fear and moved behind the window. Muthu laughed in a teasing way, as it was now his chance to laugh.
Merlin looked at the clouds filled with mist. She was delighted and wondered about the beauty of clouds that covered mountains, and it seemed to move in and out of the forest. It was like a scene from a movie. Fatima got excited on seeing a small stream with bubbles and a waterfall.
Fatima pointed to a bubbling stream and a waterfall!
Meanings of difficult words:
clinginghold on tightly
entrancedfilled with wonder and delight
mistyhazy, cloudy
sequencea scene of a film with one particular event or topic
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-2 English Standard-6. Trip to Ooty(pp. 111-127). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.