There was a cute baby elephant sitting on the track! The mother elephant was nearby trumpeting loudly. The engine driver tried to coax the baby off the track with a bunch of bananas. The mother didn’t let anyone near the baby. So, people stood around trying to make the baby move by making all kinds of sounds. The baby just sat there looking frightened and the mother kept trumpeting. Finally, Muthu, the naughty boy of the class, went up to the baby with a bunch of bananas. Just as it moved to eat it, he moved backwards. He kept doing this till the baby was out on the side of the tracks. Luckily, the mother too, stopped trumpeting and watched the whole show. Everyone cheered as the baby started eating the bananas. Many bunches of bananas were piled near the baby and the mother. As they were eating, everyone got into the train and it left after a delay of half an hour. Geetha ma’am had told us that we would see elephants if we were lucky!
     “Madam wouldn’t have imagined we would see a wild elephant this close!” said Fatima.
     It was such a fantastic trip. On a normal fast train ride, we do not notice the scenery or the landscape. It rushes by so fast. But slowly chugging up and down the beautiful mountainside was different. I will never forget the wide, wind-swept tea estates, cloud covered mountains or the swaying trees. It was enchanting to listen to the murmur of streams and waterfalls and musical bird calls. We even saw an elephant and its baby! Our whole group was so excited by the trip and they still talk about it.
Your loving friend,
A small, cute elephant was sitting on the train track. The mother elephant was near the baby, and it was shouting. The engine driver tried to get the baby elephant off the track by giving it a bunch of bananas. The mother elephant was so protective of its baby, and it did not allow anyone to near the baby elephant. Therefore, people around were making noises from where they stood, to send the elephant away from the tracks. The baby was frightened with all the noise, and the mother kept making noises.
This time again, Muthu the naughty boy, went near the baby elephant with a bunch of bananas. Just when it came near the bananas, he moved the bananas a bit backwards. He repeated the same trick until the baby was out of the tracks. The mother elephant also stopped its trumpet and watched the scene. Luckily for Muthu, the elephant did not harm him. The baby elephant started eating the bananas, and everyone clapped. The people kept many bunches of bananas near the elephants. All the passengers got back into the train, and it started again. There was a delay of half an hour, but it did not matter as they had spotted elephants! Geetha madam had informed that they could see elephants if they were lucky, as it is an unusual sight.
Fatima exclaimed that she wouldn't have even imagined to see wild elephants at such a close distance, to Geetha Madam.
Merlin continued her letter; she said they had a fantastic trip. She was able to differentiate between a normal train ride and a mountain train ride. Though mountain trains move slowly with dull sounds, one can notice the scenery of the beautiful mountains, forests, birds and animals. The same cannot be made possible in a normal train ride, as it rushes by and we miss all the scenery. She said she would never forget the huge windy tea-estates, mountains covered with misty clouds. The sounds of the streams flowing silently, the waterfalls and the bird sounds were all so delightful and musical. The highlight was the elephant and its baby! The entire class was excited by that trip and keep talking about it till date.
With that, Merlin signed off her letter to her dear friend, Malli.
Meanings of difficult words:
trumpetingshout, scream loudly
chuggingmove slowly making regular muffled sounds, as of an engine running slowly
coaxgently persuade to do something
murmura low continuous background sound
enchantingdelightfully charming or attractive
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-2 English Standard-6. Trip to Ooty(pp. 111-127). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.