A poor farmer tilled the land near the once small depression. His life was hard and the rains were often cruel. In summer months he had to travel far to get water for his thirsty crops and even then his harvest was meagre. One day, not long after the last of the season’s rains, he straightened up from his back-breaking work and looked over the land that was soon becoming brown again. And on the horizon, just beyond his pitiful plot, his eyes came to rest on a patch of green. Going closer to investigate, the farmer fell to the ground with gratitude at the sight of the verdant bowl. Here was water to be had, and so close to his holding! Forgetting all tiredness, he raced home and brought out his pickaxe and spade and soon the buffaloes’ picnic spot was a perfectly decent little pond.

     “Is this story going to end with a moral?” you ask me suspiciously. No, little one, but there is something to learn from everything we see and hear; so hush, while I come to end of the tale.
There came along a poor farmer. He did not have a great life and rains had often failed his crops. During summers, he had to travel great distances to get water for his crops. Even after that much difficulty, his produce was very less. One day after the recent rains, he raised up from his back aching work and saw that the land was becoming dry and brown again. When he saw the whole area view, he spotted the green patch, right next to his miserable land. When he went near the hole to inspect the area, he fell on the ground thankfully, on seeing the green patch with vegetation. The land looked like a bowl of green grass. He had found water for his crops as well, so close to his land. He forgot all his exhaustion and went home swiftly to get his tools like axe and spade. Sometime later, the buffaloes spot had become a neat small pond.
One might think that the story ends here with a moral. But the author says, we have something new to learn from everything that we see and hear. He further says that we will have to wait till he reaches the end of the story.
Meanings of difficult words:
tilledprepare and cultivate (land) for crops
meagrelacking in quantity or quality, scanty
horizonthe line at which the earth's surface and the sky appear to meet
verdantgreen with grass or other rich vegetation
racedmove or progress swiftly or at full speed
pickaxea tool consisting of a long handle set at right angles in the middle of a curved iron or steel bar
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