Phrases are a group of words that add meaning to a sentence.
  • Spill the beans - reveal secret information unintentionally.
  • Cry over spilled milk - to express regret about something that has already happened or cannot be changed.
  • Hands down - without much effort.
Some phrases used in the lesson "Who Owns the Water?":
1. He scraped and dug, carving a pit of more hospitable proportions.
Meaning: Accommodating size.
2. The boar turned and scrabbled in his sleep, loosening the earth around his cosy dugout until the fading sun.
Meaning: Until sunset.
3. The hungry boar departed his daybed without a backward glance.
Meaning: left his temporary bed that he used during the day.
4. Finally, realising that there was no dinner to be found there, they departed.
Meaning: The wild dogs thought they could get the boar as food, for their dinner.
5. The dry earth soaked up the moisture, as a hungry puppy laps up milk.
Meaning: The dry earth absorbed the water quickly.
6. They departed, their noses and tails high in the air.
Meaning: With pride and arrogance.
7. He had to travel far to get water for his thirsty crops.
Meaning: Water deprived crops.
8. He straightened up from his back-breaking work and looked over the land.
Meaning:  requires a lot of physically difficult work
9. They all stood around the little jewel of blue.
Meaning: Refers to the precious water, which shone like a jewel.
10. The farmer fell to the ground with gratitude at the sight of the verdant bowl.
Meaning: A bowl of greenery.
11. A germ of an idea to dig and make bigger.
Meaning: Early stage of an idea that may develop into something bigger.