Character sketch is an account of a character from a book or story. A character sketch is a mental image of the person covering all details, including how the person appears, talks, dresses, acts, thinks etc. Usually describing words are used to explain the characteristics of the person. A sketch does not refer to a diagrammatic presentation, here it means a written summary.
Remember the following when writing a character sketch:
  1. Include age, gender, physical appearance of the character.
  2. Think about your character's overall emotions and feelings.
  3. Explain the character's relationship to the story, the main character and other characters of the story.
  4. Keep the sketch short and to the point - too many details will dilute the essence of the character.
Let us attempt the character sketch of Meenakshi Edathi, from the lesson:
Points from the lesson about the character:
  • Distant relative of the Ambazhathel family
  • Poor
  • Dependent on the family
  • Dark-skinned
  • Middle-aged
  • Always rushing around - never stopped o rest
  • Expression seeking forgiveness on the face
  • Only person who knew the important chores
Hardworking Edathi
Meenakshi Edathi was a distant relative of the Ambazhathel family. She was dark-skinned and middle aged. She was poor and dependent on the family for financial and emotional support; because of her status, she always seemed to wear an expression on her face, as if she was seeking forgiveness from all of them in the family! She was always doing some chores around the house. She never stopped to take rest as she was the only person who knew the important work to be done, according to the family's needs.