"Your Honour," began the lady, in a trembling voice, "when I came to this house, I wore a lovely pink and grey dress, shiny and unmarked. And, Sir, just look at me now."
     Everybody gazed at her. Her dress was unrecognizable. Covered with ink and grease spots, mercilessly dog-eared and two corners chewed away, she looked a wreck. Tears rolled down Ms. English's cheeks.
     Offering her a handkerchief, Justice Mathematics asked gently, "How did it happen, Ms. English?"
Ms. English, being the first witness, started to talk and complained about things from her end. When Ms. English came to Mahesh's place, she was neatly dressed with a lovely pink and grey coloured dress. And, presently, she looked different and ugly with her dress torn. She had asked the Justice to compare her present look to the newly bought period.

When Ms. English stood in the witness box, everyone noticed her deeply in front of the whole crowd to the Justice. They couldn't even recognize the colour of the dress she mentioned during her early stage. The reason behind this was the book cover was spoiled with ink and grease spots. The English book looked damaged. It had the dog-eared marks, and two corners are chewed. Ms English started to cry as she explained her situation.
A dog-eared book.jpg
A dog-eared book

Justice Mathematics offered a handkerchief to Ms. English to wipe her tears. He then asked Ms. English in a soft, kind tone as to what happened to her?
Meaning of difficult words:
To shake slightly due to fear
Being plain without any mark
A folded-down corner of a page
To damage or spoil something
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