Gulliver was a ship doctor. Once his voyage ended dramatically when his shipwrecked due to a violent storm. He managed to swim until he found land.

He ended up in the strange country of the Lilliputs, where humans were not more than six inches in height. They mistook Gulliver for a giant and tied him up, as they feared that he might attack them. But they also served him food, once he promised that he wouldn't harm them. The gave him tiny loaves of bread, meat and two barrels of drink - which was less than the size of a glass!
They mixed a sleeping draught in his drink and decided to take him to the capital city. When Gulliver woke up, he found that about a hundred thousand Lilliputians had gathered to see him. It was like a carnival in their place, but Gulliver felt amused at the whole scene. The Emperor received him and lodged him in an old, unused temple. He was freed after some days when they realised that he meant no harm. Further, they gave him food, water and built a house for him to live. Gulliver helped them in many possible ways, as he had promised the Emperor.

Once, the neighbouring king of Blefuscu declared war on Lilliput. The Emperor asked Gulliver not to let them down when they needed his help. Gulliver tied the enemy ships with a thick rope and dragged them in rounds in the sea until they felt giddy and begged for peace. They hailed Gulliver as their hero, and he lived peacefully in Lilliput for many years.
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Gulliver and the Lilliputians!