Gulliver, a ship’s doctor, took a job on a ship that was going on a long voyage. The voyage started well but soon things changed dramatically. The ship got caught in a violent storm and was thrown off course. Then it hit a rock and broke up completely. Six of the crew members, including Gulliver, got into a small boat and rowed until they were overturned by a big wave which came up suddenly. Gulliver was a good swimmer and he managed to swim till he reached land.
     The coast appeared strange and lonely. Gulliver dragged himself along the shore. He looked for some people or houses. But there was no sign of life. Hungry and exhausted he fell on a patch of grass and fell into a deep sleep.
Gulliver was a doctor who worked in ships, for giving treatment as and when necessary to the passengers. Ships usually travel on long journeys, for months together. Hence doctors travel on such trips for the safety of everyone on board. The journey was going on well. Suddenly there was a rough storm, and it changed the whole scene to a great extent. The ship missed its route and dashed on a rock. The ship broke into pieces.
ship in a storm.jpg
The ship was caught in a violent storm!
Luckily, six of the employees, including Gulliver, managed to find a small boat, and they started rowing.
6 crew members.jpg
Six of the crew members managed to get on a small boat!
However, a big wave sprung up suddenly and threw the boat upside down! But Gulliver did not give up; he was very good at swimming. He swam until he found land.
Gulliver swam.jpg
Gulliver swam till he found a coast!
The coast where he had ended up seemed strange and deserted. Gulliver walked with difficulty along the coast and searched for people or any houses, to ask for help. But he could not find a single living soul in sight. Hungry and tired, Gulliver fell on a grassy land and went to sleep. He went into a deep sleep due to his tiredness from the swimming.
Meanings of difficult words:
voyagea long journey involving travel by sea
dramaticallyto a strikingly large extent
violentrough and powerful
off coursenot following the intended route
crewa group of people who work together, esp. on a ship, aircraft etc.
overturnedtip over so that something is upside down
exhaustedvery tired
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