‘Mom,’ Payal yelled in panic. ‘Owlie’s gone!’

     ‘Where would she have gone, Payal?’her mother said crossly. ‘She was right there, sleeping in her cage a little while ago.’

     ‘But she’s not there now. And, Mom, the door to the garden is open!’ That got Payal’s mother running into the room. Sure enough, there was no sign of Owlie.

     What was an owl doing in a house, you ask? Well, Payal’s house was home to all kinds of creatures, mainly abandoned animals. People brought lost dogs, injured cats and baby birds that had fallen out of their cages to Payal’s mother. It wasn’t that they had a large farm or even a large house. It’s just that everyone knew that Payal’s mom had a BIG heart! But even in a household used to such unexpected visitors, Owlie’s advent had been memorable. Shefali didi had just turned up one day, carrying a carton.
The story seems to be set in a house, and a young girl named Payal and her mom were in conversation about Owlie.
Payal shouted in fear that Owlie was missing and called her mom.
Her mom was annoyed and asked her where Owlie could have gone, as she had been sleeping in her cage sometime back.
Payal replied that Owlie was not there and she informed that the garden door is open. Then Payal's mother ran into the room, and she confirmed that Owlie was not there.
One may wonder, what will an owl do in a house? Payal's house was like a shelter for all kinds of helpless, deserted animals. People who saw lost dogs, cats that were hurt, baby birds that had fallen out of the nest - brought it straight to Payal's mother. She had a big heart to accommodate all of them even if her house did not have much space. They did not have a big farm or a big house. They had a small house, but she welcomed all creatures who needed her help. Her house was always used to such unexpected visitors - still, the arrival of Owlie had been unforgettable. Shefali didi (sister, in Hindi) had walked in one day, with a cardboard box in her hand.
Meanings of difficult words:
abandoneddeserted, left alone
adventarrival of a notable person/thing
didisister (in Hindi)
cartona box, usually for packaging food supplies, milk etc.
yell in panicshout in fear
turn upappear/arrive
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