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     When the farmer took his axe and began chopping the tree, all the little animals, birds and insects that lived in the tree came rushing down. They started running around in alarm, chirping and squeaking all over the place. The farmer was adamant. He raised his axe and the uproar grew.
     The farmer, however, forgot his childhood and his animal friends. He began to chop the tree harder. All the little animals became desperate, and wanted to protect the apple tree at any cost. They ran around in circles making a huge commotion.
     This brought the children out. The farmer’s daughter and her friends began to plead with him. They gathered around the farmer and said, “Please don’t cut the tree. We play here just like you did. These small animals live here. If you cut the tree where will they go? You can enjoy the shade when you become old. It is a beautiful tree.”
The farmer decided to cut the tree, and he brought his axe. The small birds, insects and animals that were living in the tree all came down immediately. They were frightened, and they started making noises everywhere. But the farmer did not give up he continued his work. He lifted his axe again to cut the tree, and the noise increased. It seemed like the birds and animals protested against the action of the farmer.
The farmer did not remember his childhood or his friends. He began to cut the tree with more force. The animals and birds were all helpless and did not know what to do to protect the tree, which was their home. The frightened birds and animals ran around in circles making a huge noise.
Hearing the sounds outside, the children came out. The farmer's daughter and her friends used to play around the tree.
play around tree.png
The farmer's daughter used to play around the tree with her friends!
She and her friends began to request her father to stop cutting the tree. They all gathered around her father and pleaded not to cut the tree; they told him that they played there, just like the farmer did when he was young. They further questioned the farmer as to where the small animals would go if he cut the tree. They told him that still, he could enjoy the shade of the tree even if he became old and that it was a beautiful tree.
Meanings of difficult words:
choppingcut into pieces with sharp blow of an axe
alarmmake someone feel frightened, in danger
chirping(a small bird) make a short, sharp, high-pitched sound
squeakingmake a high-pitched sound or cry
adamantrefuse to change one's mind
uproara loud noise or disturbance
desperatefeeling hopeless/helpless
commotionconfused and noisy disturbance
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-1 English Standard-6. The Apple Tree and the Farmer (pp. 125-129). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.